For A Nut Butter Snack

I grew up in grocery stores. Both of my grandparent's owned grocery stores and I have fond memories of "helping" out when I was younger, licking stamps, running errands, and of course eating the donuts! 

This could be why I love grocery stores today. I can (and have been known to) spend hours in a any type of grocery store in any city. This guilty pleasure served me well yesterday. 

My son loves to snack on Justin's Maple Almond Butter Squeeze Pack. These are great because they are small and slim and can go anywhere. I usually give them to him after I pick him up from preschool. Because they have a no nut policy I don't pack them in his lunch. He sure loves eating it though when we are on our way home. I buy these at Whole Foods but I have seen them at regular mainstream grocery stores. 

Not too long ago I was wishing that Sunbutter would make a squeeze pack so that I could pack it in my son's lunch box for next year. Last night when I ran into a Stop and Shop to get something I spent a little but of time in their natural foods section and viola - 

Here is what they look like individually.

There are other nut butters out there besides peanut butter as well as other "butters" like Sunbutter that are completely nut free. I would highly suggest you try them because they are delicious and provide variety to your diet. Following is a list (I may be missing some important ones so feel free to comment and add your own) of Nut Butters.

Nut Butters
Coconut Butter - if you ever get to a store that sells this buy it then go into the aisle where they sell agave nectar and cacao nibs. Go home mix them together and pour into ice trays and freeze them. These are the most delicious summer treats! 

Non-Nut Butters (of which many of them are gluten free)
Soy Nut Butter - just a quick word about these products. If you have a sweet tooth you have got to try the chocolate soy nut butter, it is so good!
Pea Butter - that's right folks, pea butter made from the wonderful golden brown pea! 

Next time you go to make that all comforting peanut butter and jelly sandwich, remember that you now have more options than you could ever have imagined! These products are also good to have on hand in case you make a new friend that has a severe peanut allergy or if you simply want to provide your child with a nut free snack at school!

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