During Halloween Part 2

Halloween has just gotten better with the addition of Sweet & Sara's Ghost and Bat Marshmallow's which can be found at their website or at Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe which also has a selection of more natural candy here.


During Halloween?

Halloween is upon us and for many of us that means candy. Some candy during the Fall season is not vegan. It is made with animal ingredients. Here is a list of the most common animal ingredients in candy and snacks. Did you know that Gelatin is
The protein derived from the bones, cartilage, tendons, skin, and other tissue of steer, calves, or pigs. It shows up in many commonplace products, including marshmallows, nonfat yogurts, ice cream, some frosted commercial breakfast cereals, puddings, jelled desserts, frozen desserts, sour cream, some commercial sauces and dressings (including many sold at fast-food restaurants), wine, juice, roasted peanuts, pill capsules, and many hair and nail products. Gelatin labeled “kosher” is sometimes vegan but not always. Vegan gelatin is typically made from a natural sea vegetable called carrageen (also known as Irish moss) and locust bean gum (from the carob tree).

But, there is a lot of candy that is vegan. Just take a look at this extensive list from Peta Kids. And Whole Foods Market is now selling prepackaged candy for trick or treating. In our stores they are selling pretzels and Bunny Fruit snacks which we bought to hand out this year.

Despite it's spookiness and goriness Halloween can be a compassionate time of year if you buy and eat vegan candy.

p.s. and for those of you that are sick of candy (vegan or not) by the second or third day you can do what many of my friends do....have the Halloween Fairy come and take all the candy and leave a fun festive present in return.