At The Campground Part 2

After dinner we enjoyed some special S'mores, Just because you are vegan doesn't mean that you can't partake in childhood delights like cooking marshmallows over a camp fire. Our son even found a great stick to use. Our son chose the Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Mint to go in the S'mores.

It takes a little bit more prep if you have to order the Dandies on line - mine came in 2 days thankfully, because I wasn't so good at remembering that I needed to order them. I ordered them through the website  Vegan Essentials. It's a good reliable site and it has a great selection.

Of course I couldn't not get Sweet and Sara's Peanut Butter Smores. When we lived in Denver there was a great vegan grocery store in Boulder called Three Little Figs and whenever we made the trip north I walked out of the store with one of these in my bag, okay, maybe two or sometimes even three! They are that good and well it was a long ride. 

Here we are giving our approval of the vegan S'mores! You can't get better then this and what's more relaxing than knowing that you aren't eating connective tissue and pig skin with your gourmet chocolate!

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